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Podcast launched and Generation Two being considered.

We have sold out of lot, so it is time to start considering options for Generation Two.  

Meanwhile, I have started a podcast, tentatively titled Start Up and On, featuring the behind the scenes discussions with my wife and good buddy about the DoubleSix Dice experience.  The episodes are unedited and posted within 24 hrs of recording, so they are almost live.  I read and take all comments to heart, so listeners can truly influence the direction of Doublesix Dice. 

Episode One:  Two years after a successful Doublesix Dice Kickstarter campaign, Matt and Erin talk about where the company is, and where it might go.

Episode Two: Matt brings Imran up to speed, and responds to questions and comments from the community.

  • agltbialik on

    I absolutely love my Double Six Dice, and really hope a 2nd generation is released soon, and I’m seriously considering replacing all my D6’s in all my games with these… Thanks for these!

  • Joshua Heimann on

    Free dice:
    When I ordered my dice I also got a couple extra ones and I gotta say that I was very happy about that.
    I would’ve never ordered them just from the pictures but when I’ve seen them I actually really liked them. So from a marketing perspective I think it’s a good idea to include some extras to trigger some future orders. Worked for me at least.

    It is pretty common on other kickstarter campaigns to get like 50+ emails over time. So I would suggest to just keep spamming and use the audience you got there for future promotions.

    I’d be pretty excited about a generation two. Some casino inspired dice would be great.
    Maybe bigger ones?

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